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Our school is a part of Durham District School Board (DDSB).

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Principal's Message

It is a great opportunity to take on the role as Principal here at Robert Munsch PS. I believe that all students can and will learn when provided with the opportunity. As principal it is my responsibility to ensure that I provide a school environment that is inclusive and safe, promotes learning, creates high expectations, embraces diversity and supports students and staff needs. It is essential to build and foster learning environment that is responsive to the needs of all its stakeholders.

I believe that a safe and secure learning environment is essential to the well-being of any school community. It’s crucial that students feel safe and respected when coming to school. For students to strive and do their best in all subject areas, students must know that they are cared for and supported when in the school setting. As principal, the safety of all members of the school community is imperative if students are going to be successful.

For your child’s individual success here at RMPS, it is important to have partnership between parent/ guardian and school. The relationship between home and school is crucial for students to feel safe and achieve their best. For parents to stay connected to your child’s learning please review our website, monthly school and classroom newsletters, and review your child’s agenda daily. This will contribute to the long-term success of your child’s learning.

At Munsch it is clear students, staff, parents and community have invested a lot of time and passion into ensuring that students have plenty of opportunities to be involved outside the classroom walls. Munsch offers many extra-curricular activities for all students from kindergarten through to grade 8. I believe that providing activities such as clubs, sports and arts provide students with opportunities to grow and help them create a greater connection within our school.

At Munsch it is important that we set high expectations for students and ensure that the expectations are achievable. With a focus on the DDSB Core Priorities of Success, Well-Being, Leadership, Equity, Engagement and Innovation we will ignite our students learning and guide them on a strong path that will ensure that they become life long learners. Through our Munsch focus on Character Education initiatives, I believe that students will become stronger, and more confident in their abilities to succeed. Students should feel welcomed and connected when coming to school each day.

I am greatly anticipating a wonderful year at Munsch and if you have any questions or concerns at anytime, please feel free to reach out.

M. Armstrong